Throwdown Series




Q: What is the registration deadline?

A: You can register AFTER the WOD has been posted, however you must be registered (and post your result) before the “TIMES UP” clock reaches 00:00:00.  Clear the "cache" on your computer if the timer clock does not seem to be working (see next Q regarding posting).


Q: When are WODs posted, and how long do I have to post my results?

A: WODs, standards and specific rules will be announced at when "3, 2, 1 GO!" (Left Side of HOME PAGE) reaches 00:00:00.  The events must be completed (results received via posting on the site) before the “TIMES UP” clock reaches 00:00:00...

Clear the "cache" in your browser if you are not seeing the "TIME's UP!" timer.


Q: How long should each event take?

A: Excluding warm-up, WODs are designed to take no longer than 60 minutes.  We want affiliate gyms to be able to program this as a part of their weekend WODs if they so choose.


Q: How does the scoring system work?

A: A low scoring point system will be used (i.e 1st place is awarded one point, 2nd place is awarded two points, etc…) Points are awarded for the top finishers (times, pounds, points, etc.).


Q: Judging?

A: Judging is largely done on the honor system. However, to be recognized as a top 3 finisher, we may ask you to provide you with video evidence.  


Q: Movement standards?

A: Movements standards will be announced at the time of the workout. Any questions will answered on the blog.


Q: Video submission?

A. There have been several questions regarding video submissions. Remember, video confirmation is only necessary if you are in the 5 or so. You can have more than one athlete in the video but make sure the same url is used when entering the results. There is a comments section on the enter results page (after the wod page) to let us know which athlete is which in the video.

Q: Video submission guidelines and suggestions:

Do NOT use HD recording settings. Low resolution is easier to up load.  Ideally use a tripod or stand.  Have a clock easily and readable in view or hold stop watch in front of camera at the start, end, and intermittently during the work out.  Make sure the entire movement and target are in view. We need to see the complete range of motion. Don't leave any doubt so we don't have to send you a "we are disappointed to notify you..." email.

If you have to question your range of motion, then do it again. We are holding everyone to the highest of standards. Lock out means lock it out - no bend in the elbow. Hips open means 100% open not 95% open.

If you are videoing multiple people, make sure the camera is close enough and the angle will show the entire movement.  You don't need a judge if done properly. The person behind the video can count (and judge) for you.

There is place to enter the url (vimeo or youtube or other) when entering results. 

Good luck and have fun!