Throwdown Series

Couples WOD Rxd:

PART 1 (for points):


With a running clock BOTH partners simultaneously complete:

1st minute:
1 Push Press (125# / 85#)
1 Burpee

2nd Minute:
2 Push Presses (125# / 85#)
2 Burpees

Adding 1 push press and 1 burpee per minute until the FIRST PERSON fails.

Post Score in Points:
(eg. Partner #1 fails at 7 full rounds + 8 PP + 3 Burpees then the score is : [7 rounds (56 points) + 8 push presses + 3 burpees = 67 points])




Part A: 6 Rounds for Time:

5 Squat Cleans (125# / 85#)
10 Pull-ups
200m Row

Partners will alternate rounds (eg. one does round while other rests + L-sits.... see below)

Part B: Resting partner will have one attempt to max L-sit (for time) during EACH rest period.  

This will be done by placing both hands on 45# bumper  plates and lifting feet off the floor with locked knees.
TOTAL (of all six rounds) L-sit time for both partners will be DEDUCTED from the overall time in Part A to determine the final score.

In the "Post Your Results" you will:

Post A: Total Time for 6 Rounds

Post B: Total (all six added together) L-sit Time

Score for Part 2 = A - B

1. The movement standards are CrossFit standards.
2. Video submission ONLY required upon request (ie you are in the top 5).  Video may be broken into three parts.  You don't need to keep video running during the rest (we trust you)
3. Standards

  • Push Press: Rack is OK.  Must stand up with bar overhead inline with shoulders, hips,and heels.  THIS IS NOT A PUSH JERK
  • Burpees: chest to deck and a jump at top with an overhead clap inline with shoulders, hips, and heels
  • Squat Cleans: hips CLERLY below parallel and 100% OPEN at the top.  No muted hips. Touch N Go is allowed.
  • Pull ups: chin CLEARLY over the horizontal plane of the bar; kipping or butterflies are acceptable
  • Row: reset the 200m countdown for your partner before or after the L-sit.  Each partner rows 200/round.
  • L-sit: hands on 45# plates, legs locked.  Watch your own time and RECORD it.  Stop time when feet touch ground or knees bend.

4. Top score of Part 1 has most reps; Top score of Part 2 has lowest time (A-B);
5. The two parts will be scored separately and equally. 
6. The winners will have the lowest combined score.