Throwdown Series

Couples WOD Scaled:

PART 1 (for points):


With a running clock BOTH partners simultaneously complete:

1st minute:
1 Push Press (95# / 65#)
1 Burpee

2nd Minute:
2 Push Presses (95# / 65#)
2 Burpees

Adding 1 push press and 1 burpee per minute until the FIRST PERSON fails.

Post Score in Points:
(eg. Partner #1 fails at 7 full rounds + 8 PP + 3 Burpees then the score is : [7 rounds (56 points) + 8 push presses + 3 burpees = 67 points])




Part A: 6 Rounds for Time:

5 Squat Cleans (95# / 65#)
10 Pull-ups
200m Row

Partners will alternate rounds (eg. one does round while other rests + L-sits.... see below)

Part B: Resting partner will have one attempt to max L-sit (for time) during each rest period.  

This will be done by placing both hands on 45# bumper  plates and lifting feet off the floor with locked OR bent knees.
TOTAL (of all six rounds) L-sit time for both partners will be DEDUCTED from the overall time in Part A to determine the final score.

In the "Post Your Results" you will:

Post A: Total Time for 6 Rounds

Post B: Total (all six added together) L-sit Time

Score for Part 2 = A - B

1. The movement standards are CrossFit standards.
2. Video submission NOT required for scaled division.
3. Standards

  • Push Press: Rack is OK.  Must stand up with bar overhead inline with shoulders, hips,and heels.  THIS IS NOT A PUSH JERK
  • Burpees: chest to deck and a jump at top with an overhead clap inline with shoulders, hips, and heels
  • Squat Cleans: hips CLERLY below parallel and 100% OPEN at the top.  No muted hips. Touch N Go is allowed.
  • Pull ups: chin CLEARLY over the horizontal plane of the bar; kipping or butterflies are acceptable
  • Row: reset the 200m countdown for your partner before or after the L-sit.  Each partner rows 200/round.
  • L-sit: hands on 45# plates, legs locked (or bent for scaled).  Watch your own time and RECORD it.  Stop time when feet touch ground or knees bend.

4. Top score of Part 1 has most reps; Top score of Part 2 has lowest time (A-B);
5. The two parts will be scored separately and equally. 
6. The winners will have the lowest combined score.