Throwdown Series

AGE GROUP WOD: Rx and Scaled

** A special thanks to Optimum Performance Training and CJ Martin for providing this grinder.  Have fun. **

PART 1 "3RM Snatch & Burpees":

Competitors will have 7 minutes to find their 3-RM Snatch (either power or full is fine) and max burpees. All 3 consecutive lifts must be completed in 40 seconds or less.

- Start the clock with a unloaded barbell.

- 7 minutes in Part 1 are used to score as many points as possible.

- After 3-RM Snatch is achieved, move on to burpees and one point will be given for every Burpee performed during the remaining time.

Example – Athlete A successfully achieves a 3-RM Snatch of 175 lbs. and utilizes the remaining time to complete a total of 35 Burpees. Athlete A will earn a total score of 210 points (175 +35) for Part 1 of the Throwdown.


PART 2 "10 Minute Capacity Test":

Perform the following movements, in order, for max reps (or calories), resting exactly 60 seconds between each station:

  • 4 Minute Row (for Calories), rest 60 seconds
  • 3 Minutes of Pull-Ups, rest 60 seconds
  • 2 Minutes of Back Squat (135# / 95#), rest 60 seconds
  • 1 Minute of Push Press or Jerk (115# / 75#), rest 60 seconds

Example – Athlete A rows 86 calories, performs 82 pull-ups, 41 back squats, and 19 overhead press/jerk. Athlete A will earn a total score of 228 points (86+82+41+19) for Part 2 of the Throwdown.

The athletes' scores from Parts 1 and 2 will be added together to create their final score. The athlete with the highest total score will be the winner.

Example – Athlete A scored 210 points in Phase 1 and 228 points in Phase 2. Athlete A's final score for the Challenge is 438 points (210 + 228).

1. The movement standards are CrossFit standards.
2. Video submission ONLY required upon request (ie you are top in your age group).  Video may be broken into two parts.  You don't need to keep video running during the rest (we trust you)
3. Part 1: Snatch: on each rep athlete must stand up with bar overhead inline with shoulders, hips,and heels. Burpees: chest to deck and a jump at top with an overhead clap inline with shoulders, hips, and heels
4. Part 2:

  • Row: any damper you choose is OK. 
  • Pull-ups: chin CLEARLY over the horizontal plane of the bar; kipping or butterflies are acceptable. 
  • Squat: Bar on rack is OK. Hips CLEARLY below parallel and 100% OPEN at the top. No muted hips.  
  • Push Press / Jerk: Bar on rack is OK. Shoulders, hips, and heals should be inline at the top