Throwdown Series

Games Prep Throwdown Workouts

Can you beat coach Michael? 

Check his scores and video results

EVENT 1 (max total reps):

  • Jerk Ladder AMRAP in 10 minutes:
    15 reps @ 135lb / 95lb
    15 reps @ 165lb / 115lb
    15 reps @ 195lb / 135lb
    AMRAP in remaining time @ 225lb / 155lb

    Men's for 40 and over - 125/155/185/215
    Men's for 50 and over - 115/145/175/205
    Women's for 40 and over - 90/110/130/150
    Women's for 50 and over - 80/100/120/140 


EVENT 2 (max total reps):

  • AMRAP in 10 minutes
    10 Squat Snatch @ 95lb / 65lb
    10 Chin-ups (C2B for Men / COVP for Women)

    Men's over 40 use 90lbs
    Men's over 50 use 85lbs
    Women's over 40 use 60lbs
    Women's over 50 use 55lbs


1. The movement standards are CrossFit standards.
2. Level 1/2 Certified Coaches may judge at Affiliate Partners... otherwise video proof needed for winners.
3. Video submission MUST include all of both events.  Breaks between the two are OK.
4. Jerk Ladder:

• Score = count all reps: 15+15+...
• Bar must be taken from the floor
• If you drop the bar from overhead to the floor, you must then clean the bar to your shoulders before the next repetition will be allowed
• A squat / power rack cannot be used to hold the bar during the 10 minutes for any reason
• The bar cannot rest on the back of the neck during the jerk portion, only on the floor or on the front rack position
• Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Power Jerk, or Split Jerk all allowable lifts.
• At no point may one knee touch the floor during an attempt (i.e. during the clean portion, or during the overhead portion)
• If doing the split jerk, the feet must be brought back to a "normal" standin position before the rep will count (i.e. before the bar can be brought back to the front rack, or dropped, feet must be brought back together into the standing position)

5. Event #2

• Power Snatch + OHS is allowed
• Successful squat snatch = hip gets clearly below knee @ the bottom, not marginal, and @ top the heels are on the floor, knees and hips completely extended, with barbell over the base of the neck.
• C2B - between xiphoid process and collar bone must contact the bar for men in order for a rep to count
• COVP - chin over vertical plane for women, i.e. the chin/face must cross the vertical plane of the bar in order for a rep to count
• Scaling: Men- sub C2B with COVP; Women use jumping pullups.  Put scaling weights in comments.

6. The two events will be scored separately and equally.  
7. The winners will have the lowest average place.