Throwdown Series

The Throwdown Series Team

Chris Berry

Co-Founder & Metcon Guy

Ironman Hawaii 2001Chris has been competing in various sports for more than 25 years.  Chris played Division I Water Polo, ranked All-American in Triathlon and raced as a Category 2 Road Cyclist.  Chris has competed in CrossFit since 2008 and has no plans of stopping.

Chris’ mission in life is to encourage and motivate people to live a life full of activity — strengthening both the body and the mind. He is interested in enabling the discovery that one is capable of doing much more in life than thought possible.

Chris also makes family a priority. He has three children who are active in sports and his wife Nadine is herself a Crossfit superstar. Chris and family work out in his garage gym “The Buddha Gym”.


Dave Zeff

Co-Founder & Strong Guy

CF Games 2009Dave graciously holds the post of organizer, communicator, ombudsman, and Girl-Friday for Throwdown Series. He is deeply involved in Crossfit as a sport, in current preparing himself for the 2011 Open Sectionals.  While patiently waiting for the Master’s division to include 40 year olds, Dave has competed on TJ’s Gym affiliate team that placed 11th in the 2009 CrossFit Games and qualified for the 2010 CrossFit Games.

Dave is also a card carrying member of the USA Weightlifting and competes in regional Olympic weightlifting meets whenever he can. He holds the prestigious distinction of TJ’s Gym athlete of the year 2008. He is your day-to-day resource for team logistics and news, so don't hesitate to "Ask Dave."


Brian Doll

Co-Founder & Computer Nerd Weak Guy

Elk ScratchingBrian Doll is a business-focused technologist who has been building things on the web for over 14 years. He has extensive experience in retail, media, technology and financial service industries in both start-up and large enterprise environments.

Brian enjoys speaking on lean engineering, web application performance and systems architecture. Having been inspired by Ruby and reinvigorated by Rails, Brian has been an avid contributor in the Ruby/Rails community since early 2007.

Brian is a avid CrossFit participant and has gone so far as to create wonderful tools for our community.  Many of you are already using them (or should be):, and