Throwdown Series

Event #2: WOD Rxd

1. The movement standards are CrossFit standards.
2. Video submission must have NO breaks. See bottom of FAQ page for more details.
3. Capture video of clock at the beginning AND "0 meters" rower distance.
4. Dead Lift shoulders must be over hips at top.  You can drop bar from top.
5. Display video row distance at beginning and end of BOTH rows.
6. Ring push up SETUP: bottom of rings 3" inches off floor (7.6 cm).  3" above box if using box for feet.
7. Ring push up DEPTH: rings must touch shoulders at the bottom of each rep OR shoulder must be BELOW elbow at bottom of each rep.
8. Ring push up LOCK-OUT: locked elbows at top with hand palms FACING each other.
9. Fastest time wins.