Throwdown Series

Event #1: WOD Rxd

PART 1 (for time):

50 Wallballs (20#/14#) plus
30 Double Unders;
15 Toes to Bar;
10 Front Squats (135#/95#)


PART 2 (max weight):

1 Rep Max Clean (3 MINUTE TIME LIMIT)

1. The movement standards are CrossFit standards.
2. Video submission MUST include both parts with no breaks
3. Capture video of clock at the beginning, end of Part 1 AND end of Part 2.
4. Wallballs to 10 foot target. Video frame includes target and hips.
5. Barbell for Front Squat is on the floor NOT on racks.
6. Front squat: hips below knees on squat, full extension of hips at top of movement.
7. First front squat on any set can be a full squat clean.
8. Cleans are done WITH Front Squat bar. Have additional weights nearby for clean.
9. Clean can be power clean OR full squat clean.
10. Top score of Part 1 has lowest time; Top score of Part 2 has heaviest clean (in lbs).
11. The two parts will be scored separately and equally.
12. The winner will have the lowest average.